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Our Top Services

VGM offers custom colour painted and graphics to complement bathroom, kitchen, bar area, laundry or shop. It comes with unlimited colors and is also much easier to maintain. You can find an extensive range of glass backsplash in Vaughan Glass & Mirror with a number of applications including:

  • Kitchen Backsplash

  • Laundry Backsplash

  • Outdoor Alfresco Areas

  • Cabinetry Doors

  • Wall Cladding

  • Showers Rooms & Bathrooms

Features you get with VGM Backsplash range:

  • Custom designs and logos available

  • Custom shape and design fabrication available


Edge Polishing

Flat ground or flat polished edge
Various angles mitered edge polishing



  • Multiple sizes of hole drilling

  • Standard hardware's notches and cutouts


Tempered Glass

  • Flat & curved tempered glass

  • Thickness Range : 4mm to 12mm


Sandblasted Glass

  • Sandblasted glass frosting and custom designs


Graphics Glass

  • Customized Graphic glass design


UV Bonding Service

We are world-class glass fabricators with focused customized and personalized fabrication solutions in Canada. UV Bonding is the state-of-art of attaching glass pieces with specialized two-step adhesives to achieve an elegant, slight and clean look to frameless glass applications.

Ultraviolet (UV) bonding should be minimally visible with smooth and clean lines that creates a seamless display. Vaughan Glass & Mirror pays attention to all the details required for custom products taking from designing, glass fabrication, perfect UV bonding, cleaning and crafting the product until delivered.

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