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Glass Hardware

Tag Hardware is your one-stop shop to buy Glass and Glass Hardware suitable for both interior and exterior glass applications. Vaughan Glass and Mirror - our in-house glass fabrication facility can provide a wide range of custom glass for projects.


Shower Hardware

Glass Door Fittings.jpg

Storefront Hardware


Railing Hardware

Frameless Shower Hardware

Discover wide range of frameless shower door hardware for Frameless Glass Shower doors, choose now from shower enclosure hardware collection by TAG Hardware: Shower Door Hinges, Clamps & Brackets, Shower Handles, Towel Bars, Door Knobs, and more.


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Architectural Railing

Architectural Railing Hardware refers to the various components that are used to install and support railings in buildings and other structures. This hardware can include things like balusters, handrails, posts, Standofs, and brackets. In general, architectural railing hardware is designed to be strong, durable, and functional, while also contributing to the overall appearance of the railing system.

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